my band have been recording ourselves with our own equipment since saturday just gone. and we have finished the first song fully.
but quality is good but nothing near what we think we can get.
we currently have

Shurse SM58(used to record vocals, guitar, bass and drums)
Studiomaster ph1000x-10r mixer
Acoustica Mixcraft 4.5

we were jus wondering on better ways on how to get the sound as perfect as possible.
any help/advice/tips??
thanks in advance
mmmn. I can't really help you but I'd like to say that you do have very good quality recording and you should be pretty happy with that. It sounds good!!

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he's presumably talking about the music on your myspace.

What kind of audio interface are you using, you didn't list one, so that may be the weakest link in your chain.

Also you might want to look at dedicated drum mics.
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No, I am acctually talking about the quality of recording. Some people can't even get that without dishing out a lot of money.

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR
Marshall AVT100
Boss ME-70

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Thank you for your words of wisdom.
I don't know about your recording practices... but in general I've found better recording comes a good interface, a mixer, a few condenser microphones, and a good ear.

What I suggest is record each instrument separately. Start with the drums. Mic them in a way that the bass drum has a dedicated mic, the snare and toms share a mic (or not if you have enough microphones), have a microphone hanging above the drummer to pick up the cymbals, and if you can have one for the high hat (if your drummer uses it as much as mine). Essentially you want your drummer surrounded by microphones. Run all of that to the mixer so that you can clean up the peaks. That'll go into your interface and into the computer.

For the rest of the instruments a single condenser in front of the amp will be good. Of course put it through a mixer so you can clean up the sound. vocals you can put directly into the mixer with a pop filter in front of the the microphone.

once you have every piece separately recorded, use a decent program to mix them all together (I use Cubase LE). You'll want to master the whole project raising/lowering the volume of each track so that nothing drowns out someone else's part. Adding a little reverb generally makes things sound cleaner and a little chorus on people who can't sing so good.
^^^ Changing volume levels isn't mastering, it's mixing...

I'd say your problem is that you're not mixing the track. It'll take a good while to learn how to, so I'd say try to contact someone who knows theropes and ask them to mix for you.
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