i know you experienced guys gotta be sick of these by now, but i need a wiring diagram. i dont know even the basics of electronics, but i can use a soldering iron. so.. long story short, my buddies dad gave me an old tele to renovate. problem is, the electronics came as a tangled, frayed, non-labeled ball of wires and metal in a plastic bag. super mess. so im putting in a bridge position seymour duncan humbucker, which is a 5 conductor guy. and im using one of his humbuckers as the neck position, which is a 3 wire. i also de-soldered everything off his 3way selector switch to use that as well. ive searched the internet and have found plenty of diagrams on 2 humbuckers with 5 conductors each, but none that have a 5 and a 3.

so basically i want this: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2h_1v_1t_3w

except the top humbucker only has three wires, red white and bare. any help? i mean in that picture, the red and white are soldered together and wrapped anyways. would i just do the same thing except for instance, use the red instead of green and white instead of black? something like that? i dont have a voltmeter so theres no way to test the resistance of the wires or anything. im pretty sure its just some stock pickup.

thanks in advance homies!
Guitar wiring questions need to be posted in the Guitar Wiring thread

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