I pulled these out of my deluxe nashville tele (the neck and bridge are now in the 50's Roadworn teles). All work fine, and have 10+" of lead left. Measurements:

neck - 6.05 k ohm
mid- 6.80 k ohm
bridge - 8.45 k ohm (pretty hot, supposed to be 8.0 k, but my mm doesn't lie)

Neck and bridge are the tex-mex tele, middle is tex-mex strat mid pup.

$75 for all 3, $55 for just the tele set, $15 for just the mid. This is shipped, send me an e-check or money order, or add 3% for paypal fees.

Let me know if you need the mounting screws, otherwise I'm going to keep them.

I have screws for the bridge and middle, but not for the neck, see pics. Also, The previous owner lost the cover to the mid pup, but supplied a seymour duncan replacement. It fits perfectly, just disclosing everything.

Sorry for some of the lead length pics, my cat kept playing with the measuring tape and wouldn't leave, but you get the idea. Long leads.

Willing to trade towards a set of fralin blues specials, + cash on my end. Send me other offers, but that's all I'm really looking for at this time

PICS: http://s368.photobucket.com/albums/oo129/pak1351/pickups/
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