I just started up a band with a few friends of mine...right now we got 2 guitars (I'm rhythm and been playing for 5 months) and my friend at lead been playing for over a year...and a drummer...I was just wondering about some easy songs to cover I mean we can both play perfect insanity ( full song) but neither of us is really great with solos so I was just thinking...stuff we know or I know would be...

For Whom the Bell Tolls ( Problem - no bassist)
Perfect Insanity
Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
Enter Sandman ( No solo though)
Sound of Madness

Main problem is I'm into a lot of Metallica and none of us are up to their solos so thats a problem...

Anyway I'm willing to play more old hard/classic rock stuff but other guitarist and drummer are more into newer stuff ie (disturbed rise against ratm a7x blink182 shinedown...)

Basically newer rock/metal (no screamo or gay fallout boy stuff) with relatively easy solos

any suggestions or song ideas would be great

well man im a bassist and im lookin 4 a band but it sounds like u and ur band dont have the same taste in music .when me and my friends "tryed" to start a band we had diffrent tastes in music but we all played some my chemical romance and their songs are easy to play but thats just me.so if u want check their music out
ya...thanks for the advice...im actually lookin into learning a some bass just cuz theres so many insane guitarists out there as opposed to the drastically smaller number of bassists out there...plus it would just be cool to learn so id have the flexibility