What overdrive pedal has the most gain?

I like to crank a 5-watt tube amp, boost it with a pedal, turn the gain up on the pedal until my guitar will feed back even with my hand on the strings, then back of on the gain a bit. This gives me maximum gain/sustain/feedback when playing hard rock music.

Most of the overdrive pedals don't offer enough gain for that.
"teh most gains"
ibanez tubescreamer?
digitech bad monkey?
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Fulltone OCD has a ton of gain on tap.
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Fulltone OCD has a ton of gain on tap.


cranked all the way on the clean it can be as gainy as a cranked jtm( the old school ones
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A MI Audio Crunchbox has more Gain than the OCD But I like the versatility of my OCD more than my Crunchbox.
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Fulltone OCD has a ton of gain on tap.


The Bad Monkey, while a great clean booster, does not have nearly as much gain as an OCD.
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i agree with the catalinbread super charged overdrive! its just a beast of a pedal!
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Catalinbread SCOD. A bit more gain on tap than the OCD, methinks.

Just a bit though. I cranked my OCD up earlier today, and got some very heavy tones. Love that pedal.
I'm not seeing what the difference between an overdrive pedal with a lot of gain and a distortion pedal is...
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ibanez tubescreamer?
digitech bad monkey?

These 2 are great for boosting gain.


There isn't really a difference, but in my experience 'high gain overdrives' are better at low-gain stuff than 'distortion pedals'. This doesn't always hold true though.
I think the whole overdrive/distortion convention is stupid.

What exactly makes the Fulltone OCD or ZVex Box of Rock at higher gain settings any more of an overdrive and less of a distortion pedal than an MI Audio Crunch Box outside of the fact that they're called "overdrive" pedals?
I think it's very important to distinguish between overdrive and distortion. With an overdrive, having lots of control over a little bit of gain is very important for getting the right amount of "hair" in your sound.
"teh most gains"
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