Im gonna put up 1 of the iron maiden songs from Iron Maiden Anthology on guitar pro 5 perfectly, but im only gonna do one for now which one should I do?

Aces High
Be Quick or Be Dead
Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
Can I Play With Madness
Evil that Men Do
Flight of Icarus
NO Prayer for the dying
The number of the beast
the phantom of the opera
Run to the hills
running free
the trooper
two minutes to midnight
wasted years

I was thinking phantom of the opera sense the best isnt exactly correct but it sounds really good but not exactly as easy as the tabs i have.
Do what you want then.
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Which ever one is lacking multiple counter-parts in the tab list.
I broke my G-string while fingering a minor. lol

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They are all probably tabbed, so none.

Not perfectly though
the trooper!
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wait, you're not doing this from a tab book are you?
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Im doing it from the Iron maiden anthology tab book(i suck majorly at ear)

yeah, that's not allowed. don't do any tabs, then.
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It's not D:? That sucks...
(edit) just checked, thanks for telling me(would have found out after tab was made.. would have been disappointed
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yeah. if you take from a song book, your in essence "steal" the intellectual property of a band/ artist. This site (and any thats still around) are only allowed to post tabs because its the INTERPRETATION of the tabber, no matter how close to perfect it comes out.