I have the Metallica Black Album tab book and I'm trying to learn a song from it but I don't know what song I should learn, any suggestions?

# Title
1. "Enter Sandman"
2. "Sad but True"
3. "Holier Than Thou"
4. "The Unforgiven"
5. "Wherever I May Roam"
6. "Don't Tread on Me"
7. "Through the Never"
8. "Nothing Else Matters"
9. "Of Wolf and Man"
10. "The God That Failed"
11. "My Friend of Misery"
12. "The Struggle Within"

Also if there are any good Metal / Hard Rock songs that could be suggested in standard or drop D tuning, they would be appreciated.


My Friend of Misery is the best song on that album IMO; learn that.

Also: Black Diamond by KISS has a funfunfun riff to learn in it, give it a whack.
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