Today I received my Maxon OD808 and ISP decimator, along with a dunlop DC power brick. I am running a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus into a Boss TU-2, Maxon, ISP into my Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100, into an Avatar 2x12.

First the Maxon: I am new to overdrive pedals so I wasnt really sure what to expect. What I have been looking for is more brutalz for drop C and D standard tuning. The marshall is good but I feel its just lacking a little bit. I had been considering switching amps to something like a Peavey 6505, but even with that amp I know a lot of bands run OD's into them to smooth the gain out a bit. Well, the OD did just that. The best way I can describe it as a pedal noob is my amp still sounds like a marshall, but much creamier distortion that doesnt sound so harsh, and thus sounds a bit heavier. I am very happy with it. I do still have a bit of a gas itch for the 6505 sound but I am very happy with the Marshall as it does almost all other types of music well and this OD helps it with the metalz. The OD pedal was even more impressive when I ran it at home into my Peavey Valveking 112. I have NEVER been able to find good drop C tone from my valveking, even with an EQ pedal and a Celestion V30 speaker replacement....but within 5 minutes I had a great Bullet for my Valentine tone. I think the only reason I didnt find quite as noticeable difference with my marshall was because I was playing it in my storage unit, wearing earplugs, with the volume cranked up to around 5.

The ISP Decimator: The jury is still out with me on this pedal. It does what it claims to do, and removes noise, which is especially needed now that I am running the OD pedal. What I am not completely satisfied with though is the sustain and some of the dynamics seem to get clipped when you increase the noise reduction....which is especially noticeable when I run the clean channel on the Marshall. Overall though, I don't really need to run this pedal except when playing high gain stuff, so I still plan to keep this and give it a shot. I just need to find the right balance and will have to settle with a little pedal dancing if I don't want to use it with the clean channel.

The Dunlop Power brick, well, its pretty straight forward and works well, comes with tons of inputs (7 9V and 3 18V) and its very small. The only negative is I have never seen such a blinding blue LED light on a pedal. This thing could light an entire room at night!!! Not really a negative, but just something funny about the pedal.

I still need to test the pedals with my American Strat, but overall I bought them for Bro0talz and I am pretty happy with what I have, with just 2 hours of playing time and not much tweaking done yet.
HNGD man! Some awesome stuff and your amps are great


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tl;dr, but HNGD man

Haha, I know, I ramble a lot. The short story is: I like the OD a lot but am still tweaking it with my Marshall (loved it with my Valveking).....The decimator does its job, even a little too well at times.