Just a little thing I was messing around with, trying to make some key changes that sounded smooth... I can't say for sure I'll C4C, because I'm busy, but I will try. And will most likely get it done, just not super quickly >_<

Edit - Newer version up.
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sounds so good. its like ballroom dancing. I love it. Everything has a perfect even flow
Well i never usually listen to this kind of stuff but, for what it is i really love it. The bass at the beginning felt like it didn't flow and the key change was nice as well. 29 was great haha i really liked the flow of that. The end was great.

That was defiantly different from what i listen to but like said above perfect flow
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^Yes, I going to rework the bass, it was more a rough draft then a finished line. I'm also considering adding a higher line as a solo/melody type thing. But I may not. Thanks for the crits.
I don't know the standard for neo-classical music, but to me this sounds pretty ****ing tight! At first I found the rhythm slightly weird, it reminds me of a famous composition, but it was different. It sounded even on the second time around though. Sometimes the bass would sort of clash with the melody, i suggest reworking some parts. The part at Bar 29 was perfect, no changes needed. The ending sounded fantastic, the harmony was on, but again I suggest reworking the bass some.
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^The rhythm and phrasing was initially based on Fur Elise, I was trying to learn it by ear and this came out >_<
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^The rhythm and phrasing was initially based on Fur Elise, I was trying to learn it by ear and this came out >_<

Yeah,I definately heard a bit of that in there :P

Well, I really enjoyed that a lot. The melodies really do get into your head after a while, and that really helps make the music pretty memorable. Loved the key change. Great idea

The change at bar 29 was such a change to me that I could easily have mistaken it for a new song had there been a long enough gap between parts. It was also nice that the song retured to the main riff and the harmonies worked well to differentiate it from the first section and the ending was nothing amazing, but it definately fit the piece.

Nice job
^Yeah the ending isn't much. I just felt like having a nice V-I cadence so the ear knew we were ending in E Major, as opposed to the first section which was C# Minor.
listen to more classical music, it sounded like the human abtract intro- vela together we await the storm. just not as good. keep it up. the after the intro was really bad. no transition, clashed when the intro and chords were going at the same time. just keep practicing and listening to classical music


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^I wasn't trying to make it sound like classical. I just thought neo-classical would be an okay label for it. Thanks for the crit though, IMO its essential to have a few crits that tell you your piece is ****. Gives you a better insight on it IMO. Like, someone that loves a song won't give any new ideas to the table, but someone that hates it will suggest stuff more often.

@zezikaro: I've never heard of that song. After a youtube search and some listens I assume you mean the Flobots one? If so, I didn't think they were very similar..
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