I'm starting to play hair metal and other 80's stuff

What are some of the easier Motley Crue songs for guitar?

lol any motley drue songs are easy....but probably stuff like kickstart, or maybe Dont go away mad
wild side is fun
also, no guitar solo = faster to learn
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The solos are the only hard parts of any of the songs, and most aren't extremely difficult.

However, if you are going to do it properly, Kickstart probably wouldn't be the best to start with, because the verse uses all downpicking.
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Too Young to Fall in Love is fun to play, in my opinion. Possibly Looks that Kill as well?

If I Die Tomorrow is fairly easy well. Try looking up a few songs from the Too Fast For Love album. If you can figure out how to play them, they're fun.
Dr. Feelgood and Shout at the Devil are not that diffficult. They have easy chords and are pretty repetitive.

Most of the songs are really easy, although I recommend Looks That Kill for learning.
2 Fast 4 Love, Live Wire, Shout at the Devil, Girls, and Looks That Kill
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