What tuning do you think they would play in?

I absolutely LOVE C# standard, but I can't figure out a similar tuning that keeps the 7th string from feeling like yarn.

Any recommendations???
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B standard (7 string natural tuning)
or Dropped A

but then again what the hell do u mean by 7th string feeling like yarn

Lol i mean if i tune down lower than D standard (7th=A) its too flimsy.
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Lol i mean if i tune down lower than D standard (7th=A) its too flimsy.

then use a thicket bottom string
Hybrid set, yo.

but seriously. I think that if BTBAM played 7's they'd probably be in standard. I almost thought they'd start playing 7's, but now they moved to PRS so i don't think its in the near future.
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this is absolutely, 100% correct.
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The whole point of a 7 string is that you don't need to tune down, wtf do you think the extra string is for?

A 7 string in standard tuning already goes down to C so that's a half step lower already, therefore that's all you need. You've got every note that they've got, therefore you can play their songs. You might need to rearrange some things a little but that's called playing the guitar, if all you do is blindly follow tabs then you're no more a guitarist than a talking parrot is a public speaker (although it worked for George Bush). If you want to keep the open strings the same to make life a little easier then just tune it up a half step.

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