Different from the stuff I normally write with a shreddy solo at the end and some simple riffs in the beggining. It has pretty much an irregular and different structure than most other songs so it might be a little weird.
Also I use a toneport and Garageband, and my mixing skills are ****, so the quality is a bit bad.


Edit: Song sounds much better with headphones.
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Your guitar skills are amazing. It is a different sounding song, but it kept me interested from start to finish.

Keep messing with the mix. Sounds like the guitar volume is wavering and not steady throughout.
i though it sounded good. the tone sounded very guns n roses to me. and thats a good thing. i dont know what else to say other then it needs vocals/lyrics. i think the music and composing sounds great. but again there is allot of stuff like this. the original part will come in with lyrics. i think that will make or break it. good job.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1180789

Yep, finally managed to get a good tone since I stopped using any virtual effects (damn gearbox).

Thanks for the comments guys, but (to chasepalmer) what other songs sound like this? I'm not saying this is the most original and different song but I'd like to hear other stuff similar to this..
Quite a different sounding song for sure. It actually kind of reminds me of video game music, and the Donkey Kong games in particular.
Section around :51 was really nice, I like how you play two different melodies with the guitars and it still sounds cohesive. I like the section at 1:50 where the song takes on a more dissonant feel, and I think it was pretty cool how you foreshadowed that part at 1:26ish. Your solo was pretty nice at the end there, but I don't like the tone on the lead guitar at that part. Also I feel like the arpeggios at the end were a little out of place, cant exactly put my finger on why.
But overall this was very impressive. Clearly there was a lot of thought behind this piece and you definitely have some skills as a guitar player and composer. So nice job man keep on with the music
I would appreciate if you can have a look at mine here:
Hey man, very interesting song you've got here. I'm not enormously familiar with the prog genre, but I can definitely hear that sound. I like the unorthodox structure of the song

Great playing. I agree with the Guns 'n' Roses tone comment. The part that starts at 1:50 (with the synth strings) is awesome and probably my favorite part. Almost reminds me of Dimmu Borgir-ish symphonic black metal for a bit.

From a production standpoint, I think a better drum sound is the lowest hanging fruit in terms of improving things. The drums sound a little weak to me right now. Luckily it's not hard to get better sounding drums!

Some of your melodies sound almost folky to me, which is great as I'm always a sucker for folky sounds combined with metal.

Great job, overall (and thanks for your comment on my song).
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Intro guitar was catchy as ****, lol.

It might just be me, but the strings sound a tad bit loud, but I love strings in songs, I use them in pretty much all mine, so its still awesome, lol.

All the riffs on the guitar are good.

Key change was sex!

I really like the theme and vibe you have going on this good. It sounds different then a typical song as in the hook isn't in a "chorus", its all around the song, and I love songs that have things like that.

2:24: damn, you know how to play that guitar of yours! Good ending solo. The sweeps at the end were awesome also.

Overall it sounded really good.

btw, thanks for the crit.