I'm selling a 02 Gibson Les Paul Studio, it's ebony with gold hardware, has a rosewood fretboard and mahogany body with a maple cap. It's in great condition, the bottom pickguard screw is missing, but this doesn't affect the look, tone, or playability of the guitar (I will take a nickel off the price if it really bothers you though)

I'm asking 800, but I've been having problems selling it and I really just want to get rid of it. make me a reasonable offer and I'll consider it.

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Hey guys, sorry about the long reply time.

I don't have pics of it right now, broke my digital camera and looking at getting a new one as of yesterday.

It looks exactly like this one:

Do you see the screw in the bottom of the pickguard? It's missing that screw, but the pickguard is still attached securely, I assure you.

I am putting the money from the guitar towards a new amp, so I might be able to trade you for an amp, depending on what you have, but I'm really looking for cash.

I am located in Memphis, TN, by the way.

Thanks for your replies
Just lookin at that picture again, and I noticed one other difference, which is that the tuners on my guitar are not gold, they are a gray-ish green color, and they are shaped differently.