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Hey guys, I'm a designer myself but I can't seem to come up with anything that looks good. total free ground for anyone that wants to make a logo, just make it look good (no comic sans)

Band Name: Acidion
Influences: Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal, Hardcore

Thanks a bunch ill check back here in a while
Hey all,

This thread is great. There are some really creative people on here.

Band name: Endgame
style: metal
influences: COC, Down, Pantera, 5FDP, Black Sabbath - heavy, kind of doom, some melody, heavy vocals but not growls.

I don't want a death metal-ish font. Something legible. I was looking at diamond plate font but it didn't look as good as I had hoped it would. LOL!

Something that can be used for flyers, website, potential for drum head and t-shirts at some point.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
My band is named : Pan

We play old psychedelic folk, blues, rock, obscure stuff.
Inspired by Aleister Crowley and Thelema.
Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Aphrodites Child etc.

Equilibrium is a basic for everything we do, in a song we will add heaviness and lightness .
So the logo must be dark and light.

The Unicursal Hexagram could be overlaid or something.

There must be Black, Yellow, Indigo, Violet Purple, Amber , Clear Pink Rose, Orange, Deep Violet, Crimson, Pure Soft Blue, and White.

The Font must look old, like painted but new.

We are about Peace and Love.

my email is :

Thanks man.
Hey all,

I'm looking for a logo for my band: Young Will Stone

I'm looking for text logo that's somewhat aggressive hard rock with a black background. Kind of like the audio slave or velvet revolver logo. I want it to have wings. Maybe turn one of the letters like an "O"into a lantern or put in a streetlight somewhere. Rising Sun motifs are find too. You can turn STONE text into rock texture if you want to as long as it looks good. These are just some ideas. Maybe a white and red color scheme.

I play rock and soul, some groove to the music. Influences would be Foo Fighters, Audioslave, POD, Flyleaf, Nirvana, Kansas, Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd. The face book page is here with a couple of songs to give you a feel:

Just looking for something that would represent well. Willing to pay for good logos that I'll use. Thanks in advance.

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Band: Nevermind the Riot
Genre: Hard rock/metal fused with electronic(synth)
Influences: Dead by April, Crown the Empire, RED
Sounds like: a mix of the above
Looking for: Something simple that I can use for both web and printed banners/merch
Hey guys ! I'm looking for a creative logo but can't seem to come up with one, so anyone with an idea, you will have my eternal gratitude .

Band : Flood
Influences : Blink 182, Nirvana, Green Day, Weezer, Sum 41 ...
Sounds like : Very pop-punkish songs, mixed with darker and heavier ones.
Looking for : Something catchy, that people will remember, that can be used for web/banners/shirt. I imagined it black/white but it's not definitive.

Looking forward to your ideas .

Thank you !
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Anybody on here requiring a logo or designs hit me up on my page. I don't charge unless people keep coming back to me for more, so the first couple are free!

Message me and let me know what you would like.
Hey everyone.
So, I'm here requesting a logo... duh :P

My band name is: Rooster

Style: Heavy metal, Grunge, Hard Rock, Blues

Influences: Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc.

I don't have any requests or anything like that. Just something that at least correlates wit the above genres. So nothing pop punk lol. Thanks.

Email me at

Thanks again.
Hey we are Screws of Vengeance, an alternative metal/hard rock band, looking for a real metal logo. We are open to ideas so you guys can get creative just as long as its metal. The only ideas we have so far is that we would like it to incorporate maybe some rusted metal and screws maybe a little bit of blood. But thank you in advance for anyone that makes us a logo and you will definetly get credit for it if we make it big. \m/,
Band : Shotgun Thunderwolf
Influences : Four Year Strong, Kid Liberty, Neck Deep
Genre : Pop Punk
What I'm looking for : Logos like Kid Liberty and Four Year Strong, just not too colorful.

I appreciate it guys!
Hey we are Swift N Sassy a rock cover / original band lead female lead and bassist make guitarist and drummer can someone come up with a cool logo or design fir banner thanks Ms Sassy lee
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Band Name: Fault of Abraham
Influences: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, The Used, etc.
Genre: Emocore, Punk Rock, Metal

We already have a logo made pretty basic, but I'd appreciate if someone could recreate it to be possibly better? I drew it in art class XD

The main thing I'm looking for is for someone to draw a very professional raven with a top hat, as seen in the attached file in this post. Try to keep it exactly like in the picture but a lot cooler looking. Anybody up for it?

Help would be appreciated, PM for more details!

OPTIONAL: The initials FoA on the top hat, in white of course.
Heres an interesting one for you lot

The bands name is New Vintage
We play garage rock/ pyschedelic originals
and are looking for a logo done

The name signifys the sound to be honest so if you can think of a logo to compliment the name of the band be interesting.

Oh and one extra criteria the logo has to be able to be silhouetted. If it can be done digitally would be great but if not i'm sure i could recreate it myself digitally.

Good luck and thankyou
"Sulphur Seas"
A modern,more proggy, Black Metal band
More organic and less tree-ish than usual
Colors : antique white or used/old colors
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is this still a thing? Cause i could use a logo...
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Band Name: Century Nostalgia
Style: Alternative Metal/Rock
Influences: Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, or any metal or alternative rock band
I'm looking for a dark, yet sophisticated look to the logo. If anyone could help, that'd be amazing. Thanks!
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Band Name: Abridged
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Sounds like: Foo Fighters, Three Days Grace
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Band name: Inlay
Genre: Hard rock/metal kinda progressive at times
influences: Foo Fighters, metallica, Porcupine Tree
Sounds like: an attempted mix of all three bands
What I'm looking for: A simple, streamline logo with an ambient background/tone

This would be a cool background for it. ...or something like that


oh, and it's for web and non-web use

Nice said

Hey guys, I'm looking for a logo.

Band name: Night Animals
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Logo Influences: Killswitch Engage, A Day To Remember, Miss May I, Bring Me The Horizon.
I'm looking for a logo that looks like its scratched from an animal claw (or that it's being scratched from the background) preferable in Black/White Colors for web and non-web usage and with transparent background.

Thanks so much in advance! Cheers!
Band: See You Sunday

Genre: Mediumcore (A blend of Punk Pop, Easycore, and Metalcore)

Influences: Crunkasaurus Rex, The Day After, ADTR, Knuckle Puck, Pickwick Commons.

Basically, we are going for a mildly tacky, but fashionable Vaporwave style in our logos and outfits. We all wear floral print shirts. I am looking for a pretty slick looking pineapple logo, in black and white, with transparent voids, with two scrolls on it, the top reading 'See You' and the bottom reading 'Sunday'. I want the pineapple and scrolls to either be artistically asymmetrical, or relatively symmetrical. Also, the top scroll should be arched up, (like a frowny face) and the bottom should be arched down, so it gives the impression of an incomplete circle.

The logo would be for Internet and Non-internet use.

Here are some reference pictures:

Something like the bottom scroll on this picture is what I'm looking for on the pineapple.

Minus the weed leaf top, this is a good example of the pineapple.

Or something like this is even better.

Thanks a lot guys!
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