I was looking at the Ibanez Jems and i think Universes, and I've seen some totally awesome paint jobs on them. The swirl paint is just totally awesome.

I was curious how much it would cost to have it done?

How much would it be to do my self?

And how exactly do I do it without f***ing up?

I would love to do it to my V. I just think would look so hot.
how much?
well not to much if it was DIY, but i have no idea how much if someone else did it.
thats if you can find someone else that can do it.

and its alot of trial and error f you dont wanna f*** it up.
dunno about swirled V's tho, might be cool.

if you want to do it, go for it.
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How do I prep it for the paint? It says use regular painting prep, but this is my first guitar painting, so what should I do?
You need a guitar body that has a coloured bass coat, that has been levelled to 320 grit, and then follow the tutorial.

Be advised it takes a lot of testing to perfect, its a few weekends project.

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