I've had some trouble with my volume pots on my guitar today. The pots have been reversed, or more specifically, when I turn the pot towards where it should be getting louder, it's getting softer. When I turn it toward where it's supposed to get softer, it gets louder. There weren't any problem a few minutes before, so it happened in like a 4 minute span. I would really appreciate some help on this dilemma by anyone who might know something about pot wiring.
buy some pot cleaner... electronic supply store. Also called contact cleaner.
I had a pot problem once..... I ran out.

I had to buy some more.


ON TOPIC: Check all of your solder joints to make sure nothing is coming loose.
Not totally sure, but check which terminal you have your wires going to. Pots typically have 3 terminals, and depending on which terminal (left, middle, right) receives the hot signal may cause undesired outcomes. Try referring to a stock pot wiring diagram. That could be the problem. If it isn't, trying rewiring everything.
What I don't understand is that I didn't do anything that could possibly result in any wires getting knocked loose. I didn't drop my guitar or hit it or anything. I was playing it and all of a sudden it happened.