I'm modding my Gibson Flying V right now so that it'll have a HSH pickup configuration. The problem is that I've got a full set of single coils at my disposal, and I don't know which one I should put into my guitar.

I know the neck is the warmest, the middle gets a "quacking" sort of tone, and the bridge is supposed to be twangy and bright.

If I want the kind of tone closest to the stereotypical John Fruscante clean sound, which should I put into my guitar?

Yes, I realize very much that "John uses vintage single coils, has a setup you'll never own in your lifetime, and no puny modern single coils can get close to his beautiful tone", which is just fine with me... I don't want to sound exactly like another guitarist anyways. I'm just asking which one will get me closest of the three.

just put the mid in there im sure you can get a similar tone. im pretty sure he does use the in between (neck-mid) alot and im not sure how that would sound with hum and single in yours.
Unless you bought them as a set from a retailer, or if you removed them from another guitar there is a good chance they're all the same pickup. If you're looking for a specific tone however may I suggest wiring with a 5-way switch. Get a Schaller Megaswitch (whichever is to your preference) and you will be able to split the coils of your humbuckers and use them separately or simultaneously with the single coil chosen. That's probably the best and most versatile option.
I got the single coils as a set from Guitar Fetish.

But my humbuckers don't have the capability to be coil tapped, or else I would've done that ages ago. Stock Gibson pickups... Gotta love them. Besides, I have a toggle, not a blade switch. I'm not much interested in five-way switching anyways. Thanks for the great suggestion though.

I was thinking mostly along the lines of sticking in a neck or middle pickup before I made this thread anyways... Maybe I should just flip a coin.

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