So, I was thinking about getting a light blue strat, but then remembered I don't like 25.5" scale. So then I figured I would get a cheap squier and then get a Warmoth conversion custom neck for it. The problem is, the cheapest squires which come in light blue have basswood bodies, and that cheap wood along with squier lower quality would probably spell out pretty crappy wood. Should I just buy a cheap squier, a higher end squier, a knockoff strat, or save up for a fender?

EDIT: Actually, I already have a strat copy (a johnson). Would it be worth the effort to strip its black paint off and paint it light blue?
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Squier Affinities are really very decent guitars, and play pretty nice for the price. I'd go with that. The only thing I would do is sanding the finish off and rounding the body curves including the horns more, then painting it light blue.
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what's the copy made of.basswood isn't a bad wood at all. most high end ibanezes are basswood. they're just greyish so it's weird looking and try have like no grain.
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I have a Squier Affinity in the corner of my room atm. It's not mine though, a friend of mine. It's pretty beaten up from use and only has 2 strings on it. buttt, I played it with my friend a few months ago, before all the strings broke. When i played it it was bloody brilliant, sounded great and it's good quality.

I'd advise you to look at some cheap squiers or knockoffs, find something you like - play with it a few times before buying it.
A huge price-tag doens't always mean good quality, sometimes the cheap stuff's better.
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Thanks for the quick responses.

The copy I own is made of alder, I think, but I'm not sure.

I see a lot of suggestions for the affinity, so I might go with that. However, I also like the idea of repainting my own. If it's my first time painting a guitar, would it be unlikely that the paint job would look "professional"?
I was very happy with my strat w a warmoth conversion neck. It was alot shorter than either of my 24.75 scale guitars. Ive since remodded it again, but am saving the neck for another guitar.

As you plan to repaint a squire. You might be better off just buying a bare body. Its not that hard to get decent results w spray cans. Mighty mite has a bare ash strat body for 149$ and since your getting a warmoth neck an alder or ash body from there is 175$. Probably find a used well made body somewhere. You probably wont be so happy w a squire made body, as my squire's body is at least 7 or more pieces of wood laminated together. And you probably in the end will end up replacing most if not all the squire hardware for decent quality stuff. So save your self some time and just do it right from the beginning. Also save the effort of sanding the original paint off.