Hey everyone, im new to the forums so if i post anything that you have heard a thousand times i appologize. I'm a techdeth guitarist and haven't got luxary of having a music store or even guitar center even close to me. So I cant really get any advice from many people where i live. I have a Ibanez rg and in the future want to purchase a 7 string. i have a digitech metal zone heavy metal distortion pedal and a very crappy estaban amp lol. I enjoy playing songs by after the burial, veil of maya, the faceless etc., but cannot get that tone. It has been drivin me crazy so my question is. What setup do those guys use? I'm really after the after the burial sound, and also the faceless. My distortion is just out of control. I need help before i lose it. If u can link links to me that will show the pedal or watever i need to get that tone that would be awesome. or explaining some stuff on there setup would be greatly appreciated. thx a bunch
Correct, Wrong forum
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I'm really after the after the burial sound,

You're gonna be really popular around here
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Wrong forum, but I'm in a good mood so I will try to help a bit.

I know The Faceless use Line 6 amps, not sure what models though.

You should look into getting an Engl amp of some sort, a Powerball maybe.
I tried one recently and am now saving money to go buy one.
Some bands that use Engls are Necrophagist, Decrepit Birth, Obscura, and Nevermore.
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Get a Marshal MG stack.

I hope your joking...

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I hope your joking...

It's got crushing overdrive.

Yes, I'm joking. Don't get an MG, it's terrible.