OK i formally wrote about my dead grandma haunting my room. But today something strange happened that made me piss my pants. Me and my lead guitarist were sitting in my room talking about chics when somehow my new white Ibanez RG350DX fell off its wall bracket. As it was falling all i could think of was the $400 i spent on it and how screwed i was but an inch away from the floor the guitar stopped rose back up and placed itself back on the bracket. We just looked at each other and were like 'what just happened?' We weren't high on crack, weed, or mushrooms or anything really so we are wondering if my grandma just saved me a lot of money. Just putting that out there.
Either that or your full of ****. Just putting that out there.
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How do you know he saved it? He is the one that took it off. He was really just trying to **** with you.
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.... Creepy as hell,you might want to invest in a better wall hanger. But yeah lucky you. Now say "Thanks Granny"
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i ate a big red candle

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hey dont give your grandma credit, that was me man, i was in your closet and... ya it was your grandma.... >.>
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not hated
heres the answer to all of your questions.
your g-ma might not like it so much.
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Ah, that would be the RG350DX's gravity invert function.

dude that was your floyd rose loosening as it hit the ground and then the springs recoiled and trampolined back up to your stand.