I want to replace the pickups in my Ibanez SA220EX, i play alot of punk, metal, and metal core, i use alot of palm muting and pinch harmonics, im running through a peavy special 212, thank you for your suggestions.
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emgs would be pretty good. if u want to stick to passive, the classic jb and 59 combo. i hate to be so cookie cutter, but theres a reason those pickups are cookie cutter.
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Are you looking for passive or active pickups?
Active I'd go for seymour duncan blackouts over emg's.. i think emg's are too sterile and have little to no diversity (and old old wooden ship, used during the civil war era)
Passive wise i just installed a dimarzio d-sonic in bridge and dimarzio air norton in neck and that's on my schecter in drop b, and they sound great.
Can get some sweet smooth leads and some amazing chug chug and pinches off the neck.
EMGs or Duncan blackouts if your guitar is active, and Duncan Invaders if you have passives. Make sure you don't play with a totally cut out midrange if you use Invaders
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