As the title says.... anyway...

Sometimes I hear people talk about how they change their guitars tone/volume pots and pickup switches to make the guitar better or something like that. Is it just me... or does a pot not need to be changed unless it's broken?

I think I'm missing something here...
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Better quality hardware does make a difference in sound. My Squier hums like crazy, my Am. Deluxe Strat does not. Also one sounds infinitely better. Guess which one? Sometimes on a guitar with lower quality hardware the pots may start crackling over time, or cut out entirely while this is rarer on an all around quality piece.
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Yes. Different ohmage pots can have different brightnesses, make different pickups sound better, and overall certain pots sound awful, while some sound brilliant. My strat sounds much better than the normal MIM Standards. Only change? Pots and wiring.

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Not necessarily. Sound is subjective, so what sounds great to you may not sound all that good to someone else. But it can definitely change the sound subtly. Some people looking for a more vintage sound might replace their potentiometers with period correct ones. But IMO using better quality hardware along with good soldering and grounding definitely improves the instrument, even if it's just the sound it makes when it's plugged in and you're not playing it.