As the title suggests, I purchased a new (used) bass this afternoon: from Retro Music, in Keene, New Hampshire, a fretless 2000-2001 MIM Fender Jazz. The previous owner may have been named Pete, because somebody by that name carved his name in the back of the headstock. Price paid was $250 including a gig bag.

At some point the volume knob was replaced with a Precision knob, which will be amended once I find a website which sells Jazz knobs (if you know of one, please tell me).

Here are some looks at the de-fretting job:

I honestly can't tell if this was originally a lined fretless or if a previous owner did the job on his own. The seemingly shoddy, grungy work makes me think that was done by an amateur rather than the company. I'm somewhat concerned that it wasn't sealed/finished correctly - we'll see what happens.

I'm rather excited to continue learning jazz with this instrument - the tone and feel and pretty stellar. It is one among three Fenders which haven't felt terrible to play, and I'm happy to have found it.

its beautiful. I dont know if you're into naming your instruments.. but this one should be named Pete.
Yes...that was a home job of defretting. I'd poly that fretboard if I were you.

Playing jazz on a fretless is just fun and it pushes the sound in a new direction. Throw some 88s on that puppy and start pumping out those walking bass lines!

Nice find.
Quote by anarkee
I'd poly that fretboard if I were you.

Do you know of a guide that can walk me through the process?

Also, it came with a really nice set of flats already strung up, so hopefully I'll be able to avoid buying a new set for awhile - but you recommend checking out those Rotos when it's time?
There are a few threads about there, but you may want to PM JazzRockFeel. He did a whole original thread on this process a while back.

And yes, for jazz I love the 88s--they have a great feel and sound.
Nice bass you got there. Yeah thats defiantly not a factory fretless but still nice. I'm pretty sure allparts.com sells jazz bass knobs.
I was pretty sure it wasn't a factory fretless, but I couldn't tell if it started that way and then took one hell of a beating.

So, I've read through the de-fretting guide at http://www.geocities.com/charlesarms/ , as well as Jazz_Rock_Feel's thread and this thread from Talk Bass http://www.talkbass.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-5331.html and am not sure that I want to coat the neck. I like that it will help protect the neck from further damage but am worried about what such a job will do to my tone - it seems like most of the people coating their boards do so in the hopes of achieving a Jaco-esque tone, and such a tone coming from my own bass would make me vomit.

So I don't know.

edit - I've been looking for (ideally free) resources on fretless electric method but haven't found much. Any suggestions?
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