I made a new friend today.

It likes to smile...all the time.

And it comes with some neat knobs.

And makes echos in space

Yep so today I bought a Boss RE-20 Space Echo for $100 USD. The reason why it was so cheap was because the guy said the tap tempo doesn't work. As I expected, it wasn't that the tap tempo didn't work, but that the right side pedal doesn't work (an easy fix I hope ). Another issue I found with it is that its bypass doesnt work. I turn the pedal off via its left pedal and it kills my signal. No idea why this happens. For some reason I can make it bypass by unplugging and replugging the output cable, but it just happens again if I turn the pedal on and off .

All issues aside though, this pedal is really great. It gets that really nice warm tape sound and is much more lush sounding than my DD3. The different tape modes are slightly confusing but I'll get it eventually I think. Anyone have any ideas for fixes for the two issues I mentioned?

tl;dr: NPD. re-20 tap tempo pedal doesnt work, nor bypass. halp .
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No halp, but shmexy new pedal day. I have serious GAS for one of those..

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Call boss?

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HNPD, man. My buddy used one of those a while back and it was trippy awesome.