Hey, i'm not at all a Green Day fan, but my radio station torments me with the song '21 Guns'. I actually listened once and heard something interesting. Does anybody else hear a little bit of autotune going on when he goes to guns? The tone of Billie's voice feels a little A.T.d to me....

Confirm my suspicions.
I wouldn't be surprised. He's going from his natural singing voice to falsetto. They may have used it just to fix the notes inbetween as he ascends. I'll take a listen though to see if I really hear it.

EDIT: I'm listening to it now. At first I was coming here to say "...actually I think you're crazy" but then he said it again and I can hear it pretty clearly. It's JUST during that part though, so I think it's just to make sure he's got the right notes. (Though I saw them play it live last week and it was fine)
It could also be there just to add a little tinch of effect to the song, you know?
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They probably use it. It seems pretty hard to pull off, and as identityxcrysis said, its probably used to clean up the notes in between. His tone in that song is pretty amazing nonetheless
Yeah they used it, but he hits the note live anyways, so I really couldn't care less. Besides, there's an only Green Day thread. Discuss it there.
He can't do it live, so he can't obviously do it in the studio
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It's definitely got some kinda chorusy/pitch mod. effect, I think it's just used for artistic effect though.