I have about 7 from my families' cars and i dont want to through them away/recycle them.

what's a cool project or something i could actually use them for

(something cool dont tell me to put mints in them,because you're just lame for saying that)
Guitar pic storage.
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Put condoms in them.

Then eat condoms when your breath smells bad.

Edit: Or try this.
kill all humans
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I use mine for picks. Also google it. There is awesome **** you can do..

Or you could use them to spell Containers with a single s.
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Store drugs
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Fap into them and use them as sperm storage in case you ever get a vasectomy/accidental nut injury resulting in impotence.
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My dad has an old Altoids container that he runs various technojiggers through and gets a gain boost from his iPod without raising the volume, therefore saving battery life. Looks neat too.
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Put your picks in them. I've had the same altoid container since I've started and still have some picks in there from my first pick run to the store.

+1 the best pick storage ever
best YouTube video ever

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jack off in every single one and give them to people.
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Chronic storage.
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Guitar picks.

They're also incredibly handy for storing small screws/parts when you're working on guitar repairs. I don't lose stuff now when I take apart my guitars.

My mom actually keeps her weed in it..... the day I discovered this, I was happy as ****.