In this hole I sleep
I don't weep, I know I'm wrong
my eyes go blank
my note is long winded and tall
don't I make you
don't I make you
nervous at all?

I'm not a ****ing saint
I'm just a killer
keep your eyes firmly focused on the center
that's where the action is
your reaction lies
bow to the crowd around you despise

In this hole I stay
I keep to my own
but time has shattered all of my bones
if you move me
if you move me
put me down softly

if I'm the anti-christ
and antithetic now
an anesthetic, your aesthetic get me down
to your ****ing knees
on this killing floor
you've never sucked a dick like this before
Very fitting for a metalcore / death metal song. The lyrics are pretty solid, they paint the picture of a killer in my opinion.

The last line, "you've never sucked a dick like this before" - Doesn't really make any sense or fit with the overall feel of the song (unless I missed the point).
WOW. You need to relax, man. Go pick up the Very Best of Chicago or something. Life is good, with or without dick in mouth.