Hey I'm trying to decide on my next guitar. I can't decide on whether I should order a G&L ASAT Tribute online, or try to find a cheap Mexi Tele at a pawn shop. I guess my real question is are the G&L Tribute guitars really consistent on quality, or should I just grab a Mexi Tele and replace the bridge, tuners, and pickups?
I owned a G&L ASAT Tribute awhile back, bought it secondhand, and that guitar played like butter. I loved the feel, sound, etc. on it, can't really comment on how consistent their quality is, though. I regret selling that guitar almost every day.
I've played them side by side and recently put out a similar thread with a slightly different question. My experience was that the G&L ASAT Tribute was hands down the better guitar than the MIM strat.

I haven't quite figured out if I like the G&L better than a MIA Strat though. That is still a toss up that will require a few more visits to the guitar store ;-)