well im planning on buying a new amp....
and the thing is i only can get about 300.:[
i was thinking of either getting a 75w or higher...
i mainly would want it for practice and it would have to be loud enough to play small shows....
i would really want it to sound as best as possible i mean effects and built in tuners arent necessary but are a plus i mainly would want an awesome clean setting and a beastly heavy distortion setting...
i was thinking of getting a....
vypyr 75w
Raven 100w 2x12
what about a epiphone valve junior?
i know its more for bluesish type of things but would i beable to maybe get a pedal
and get the sounds im looking for?
i dont know please make recommendations please.
thanks for the help in advance.
vypyr rapes dude, has everything you need
but for gigs you might need the sampera pedal to switch channels which is another 100 dollars
peavey vypyr 30
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how would the Epiphone valve be?
im quite intrested in it,
you know it being tube and what not...
This might sound stupid but would i be able to use it for metal?
line six spider lll 75W combo is what you want, all you'll ever need and want
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i recommened the line 6 spider III's. those things kick ars

haha don't get that, get a Peavey Vypyr 75w, its $299.99, better than anything else under $300 and better than a lot over it too haha
Valve Junior is great with pedals, but you know it's only 5 watts right? It's about as loud as my 20 watts SS which is a far cry from anything in the 75 watt range. A valve junior can do small shows but it's going to depend on what your band mates are doing and if you have a drummer or not that gets crazy from time to time. Great practice amp and with a POD XT Live not much it can't do and sound better then most modeling amps while doing it. Mines got 42 amp models 24 cab's, over 100 fx (there's actually 15 reverbs in this thing). Tghe only down side is the 5 watts. If this was a 15 watt amp i doubt i'd ever buy another amp.
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