hey guys well my band (im the drummer) has all agreed to kick out our singer and theres is nothing good about him he hasnt made anything sound like anything done **** and makes and bunch of b.s. y he hasnt he doesnt help us at all always tells us wat to do(how to sound...) and well is kinda of dickhead and well we were just gonna kick him but he is kinda unstable weve noticed and has a horrible past and hasnt changed a bit also has a lot of problems and we were kind of thinking well if we kicked him out he may destroy our houses, like we can beat him up easily, but he knows were we live and has done that to other people wich is another reason why we are kicking him out, also we gave him a chance but he ****ed it up please help us as soon as u can!!!! We are having a strestful time and music isnt fun at all wit him, but i want our housees to not get destroyed lol, also he wanted us to sound like fray nothing against them love their songs but i just dont want to go that way especially the bassist and guitarist dont! We wanted to make and original sound and we have already made it and all love except him.........

So in short please tell us how to kick out an unstable person without any bad things happing to our houses dont care about us just not the houses
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When he's sleeping, put him on a bus bound towards L.A.
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kick him out, if he does anything to your property bring police into this,
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just kick him from the band and if does something to your houses then call the cops or something like that. tell him the reasons why u dont want him.
you guys could say that the whole band is breaking up, then you guys can still play and then a little later get back together but without him...
Do Eet Like Metallica Did To Mustaine Lololololol
I can't believe you went thru that entire paragraph without a single period.

Boot his ass, and if he does anything to you guys, tell the cops. But make sure you have proof. And assumptions don't count.
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