This is somewhat similar to meshuggah (more the first), although I wasn't thinking of anything at all except my imagination while I was writing Fetch the electric (I'm stoned and drunk)

But they're both WIP, I'd like critiques and will gladly return them if you ask.
Fetch the Electric.gp4
Fetch the Electric.mid
sax solo.zip
Sax solo was awesome! Better than messhuggah or Gojira, you're talented dude!

..But Fetch the electric wasn't really good. Like Viraemia, yes it is very hard to play, actually semi impossible, but it really doesn't sound good. Or I dont like. But Sax solo, keep it that way!

Still about Fetch the electric it was kinda pointless, just technicality.
Ofcourse someone may like it, but I didn't.
Quote by bloodshed344
nothing really technical about it cept for the second bar really. but thanks, and yes sax solo is awesome.

I meant about technicality that, it has unusual rythm changes and alot to remember. Tooooo progressive for me. Keep it on!