I have decided to trade (or sell) my 2 month old Micro Synth.

Bought it because it sounded good in my band but then the band went seriously downhill and I'm now in straight forward rock band so no need for a pedal of this type.

You can get some amazing sounds from this beast, just have a look on youtube.

As I said, its only 2 months old, boxed and with original power supply.

Im after a nice delay pedal or a looper of some sort.

Let me know what you have!
I will hold out for a bit mate just see if anyone else offers anything!

Not looking strictly for delays or loopers, just let me know what you have got to trade!
Will you be in london anytime soon by any chance? I could trade you my line 6 fm4 or maybe my stereo memory man w/ hazarai.. or ive got other pedals/cash if you'll be in the area.

I can't post anything though
Im painfully interested in the memory man! really really really interested! Why cant you post anything though? The only way I would be able to do it is to post!

Also very interested in the mm4.
My parents are strictly against it for some reason... its lame but I can't do anything about it. If youre ever in the london area, drop me a pm.
Well, nothing I can do about that then. I cant really justify paying the train fair for me to come to you when I can get the memory for £145.

Looks like the micro synth will be hitting the e-gay soon so if your interested in buying, I will pm the link!

Just a shame we couldnt do a direct swap!