what's your opinion on it

just got a new one and feels f***ing amazing

I'm thinking about getting an Angel of Deth Dave Mustaine

well throw down your opinions

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Metallica Silver.

Clever pun or ironic mistake?



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Metallica Silver.

I was just about to post that, haha.
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Metallica Silver.


but Megadeth owns Metallica
Best Guitarist Hands Down: Adrian Smith
Back on topic, i hated the two i played, on one their was so much clear coat on the neck that it felt sticky as hell, and the second was much better but i saw a guy chip it so easily after i played it.

But overall theyre nice
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but Megadeth owns Metallica

Hmm, no.

Looks like a pretty sweet guitar, but you never know till ya try it.
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A friend of mine has an Angel of Deth. It's a very nice guitar, but IMO it's overpriced for something made in Korea. It sounds great though(Live Wires FTW) and feels better than any other Dean I've played. There also aren't many other V's in that price range, and none with similar equipment. I do think, however, that you'd do just as well with a Jackson Rhoads, a Schecter Hellraiser V, or even a good B.C. Rich NJ Deluxe..
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Metallica silver xDDD
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