I’ve learned,
It’s crazy to love
The one that hurt

I’ve learned,
Sometimes the person
Who loves you hurts
You, oh the most.

I’ve learned,
Not to love because
When I do I

I’ve learned,
You’ve got to act now.
Cuz if you don’t,
You’ll never know.

You’ve got to scream.
You’ve got to cry.
Don’t keep it inside.

I’ve learned,
You’ve got to reach for
The girl, don’t be

I’ve learned,
Sometimes you’ve got to,
Do it all alone.
All by yourself.

I’ve learned,
Some people just want
You to say you’re

I’ve learned,
That sometimes it’s for
The best, just to
Go different ways.

Chorus x2

I’ve learned,
My strength is nothing
More than my game

I’ve learned,
You can be a good
Person, but still
Be hated…yeah.

I’ve learned,
Everyone deserves
One more chance, oh

I’ve learned,
Over all these long years,
These, long, long years,
You only live once.

C4C, of course.
Peta, talking to the dead, stranger danger, alt. medicine, the war on drugs, recycling, esp, conspiracy theories, and gun control are all BULLSHIT...if you've seen the show you know what I'm talking about.