This was going to be a reply to a thread but i thought i'd make into a question. I really enjoy coming up with my own riffs / random stuff

The way i come up with riffs is just random notes :\

I've been able to get some alright ones out, But other ones just generally stuck,

Because I've only been learning metallica i feel like it's influenced my playing a bit to much and i often have the same sorta riffs as metallica,

I don't know any theory yet, but i know i should learn some,

I generally just get a random sound in my head and i'll apply it on the guitar and i can sorta tell where the notes i want are, but not perfect.

Does anyone have any tips for me? Should i start learning theory or wait a bit (i've been playing 4-5months) I really enjoy coming up with my own stuff.

I know the A major pentatonic in the 5th position, should i learn all the positions of this scale


Learn the fretboard and see what notes make up the scale and do it that way, rather than using the positions?
Sounds like u should just look into learning afew scales, nothing too hardcore but some pentatonics.

And listen to other genres of music like SRV, Gary Moore, Clapton etc. It will give u a different perspective of solos and styles. There are afew good pentatonic lessons on this site which are good for basics
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I agree with the above, you should learn more scales and that will really help
Also, take a look at Slash, he uses alot of scales in his music to create riffs like the sweet child o mine riff, thats just a scale but in mixed up form, and look at how successful and awesome that riff is.
Quote by KoenDercksen
And make sure you don't just learn the shapes, but that you actually understand what you're playing, and how you can alter it. That is very important...

With that you mean like the notes that make up each scale yeah?
I seriously don't get whats up with my friend hating the pentatonic scale. It sounds like he's saying its a beginners scale. Well I actually forgot what the pentatonic scale is (no i dont know theory), but i do remember learning something about that in a music calls in skool ages ago.

For me writing riffs i just kinda experiment. I kind of use like patterns and stuff from the things I've learning before/ know. Random stuff does work sometimes. I might find a teacher soon.

and On topic. Go learn scales (applies to me too)
Quote by BoL7z
With that you mean like the notes that make up each scale yeah?

Yes, not learning the shape of the major scale but learning it's notes, and being able to play it everywhere. Also you should into some more theory, I suggest you start out with learning how you can find the notes in a major scale and how you construct chords, make them minor/augmented/diminished etcetera etcetera.
Please god, don't yell at me for this.... Some of the Cure's later stuff is pretty impressive (musically). If you can tune out Robert's wailing, you can hear his guitar, and he ish good. So, Look into that.