Sometimes the right hand fingers are mentioned in classical tab books. Is it absolutely necessary to use the correct fingers while playing? Sometimes I find myself playing with other fingers and I still get the sound. What about the left hand? same question.
they are there for a reason, usually its good to stick to them. it isnt absolutely necessary, but it generally serves you better to follow them - both hands. the left hand fingering is usually more debatable, but with the right hand, different fingers give a slightly different sound, as well as free/rest stroke, so its a bit more important to follow the right hand fingering
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It's whatever's easiest for you I guess, don't strain yourself too much if you can't at first, just practice getting a good control over each finger. I still find it difficult to precisely pick with my ring and little finger

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yeh its probably best to stick to em most of the time but when you're playing more advanced stuff you'll find yourself making more alterations to fit your style.
if you're having no trouble with the songs you're playing and can play them at full speed without choking the notes - and if learning the "wrong" fingering isn't making it harder to play the other songs you're playing, you're probably good to go.

there's no hard-and-fast reason to stick to them, but unless a player is pretty experienced, it's probably best to go with them. most tab is written in the easiest and best organized way to play a song.
o yeah a music teacher told me that ass u get beter u use diferent fingers to play and ur noy gonna use the same fingers all the time