hi, ive been trying to get control of my noise from my guitar and amp (ibanez act emg's, peavey 6505+). i currently have a boss NS-2, and it seems to do alright,BUT, when im playing, (pre-gain at 6ish) so not MAXING the gain or anything, anyway, when im playing, and need to stop if theres a break in a song, when i mute it, it hums after i mute it for just less then a second and it does that ALL the time with the ns-2 if i turn it up anymore it cuts my slides and makes it sound like ****. dunno what the hell to do :S
Is the NS-2 in front of the amp or in the loop?
Did you try the X configuration?
It could be 60 cycle hum from your outlet. Is your wiring old?
turn the gain down to or below 5 and boost it.
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^ If the Boss isn't squashing the noise, the ISP most likely won't either.