So after a few days of doing research at the local store and checking online reviews on several sites (primarily cnet) I managed to narrow my choices to two sets of headphones (both Sennheiser): HD 485 and HD280 Pro

I'm getting these headphones primarily for music listening (metal primarily) and since I don't watch many films I don't really care how they perform with film audio. I was also looking for good bass and both seem to have it. From the reviews both meet my requirements so now I could use some personal opinions and advice regarding these headphones and headphones in general.

I'll just point out one of the primary differences between them which may be the decisive factor. HD 485 are open-back design and HD280 Pro are closed-back. If anyone has any advice as to which is better for music etc. I'd be grateful.
Well i know what the difference is as I did some research myself, but nothing beats an opinion from somebosy who experienced it. I myself tend to the open-back design, but I have never had those so all I know is theory.