Hello, I've done a short cover of Californication ( 1/3 of the song ) and i want to know If I'm doing something bad etc. First of all, things i know are bad:

1. You'll notice that when i do the hammer - pull thing i sometimes pull too hard or too weak, this is because i don't know, i basically do this when I'm playing in front of people or recording. I just mess up.

2. My strumming is very tense, I'm working on that.

3. I can't barre the damn 1st fret so it would sound cleanly. Any tips on that?



I know that you can't tell much from one and half a minute, but if someone notices that I'm doing something wrong, or have a bad habit, it would be greatly appreciated
1. You just have to keep working on them, soon you won't have to worry about messing them up too often.
2. I can't offer anything here, I always use a pick, or fingerpick, I never strum with my fingers
3. Again, you just have to keep practicing, eventually the strength will come to your fingers.

Overall, I thought it was a very good cover.
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