I am looking for a 6 string, and I've got 300 dollars. I play mainly metal. Any guitar that fits these standards?
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ebay is your friend

and what standards?

EDIT: if you can get the strings, i reccomend this

this one is a nice deal too. I've played one and they plays really nice.
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Since you've gone down that Ibanez route early on, I suggest something for contrast.
You have great taste in music (especially tool) so I guess the best option would be an epi les paul standard.

Second hand of course

Get it in silverburst and hey presto Adam Jones in the house.
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What gear do you already have? I'd say for under 300, you're getting a low range guitar, and if you already have a low range guitar, you're wasting your money and should just save.

Or alternately, get a new amp, or some pedals maybe.
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My personal opinion... Save up

I agree. If you already have a guitar, then save up for something really good. Or buy some new threads.
search around on your local craigslist. you save on shipping and you can find great used deals
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Id say save up till around $1000 then your choices will increase by ALOT. Also you'll get better quality stuff that you could keep for a long time

This. $1000.00 will buy you a fantastic used guitar.
save up is the best option, dont spend it, youll regret it afterwords.

you can go online or to your local shops and look for second hand guitars, there are song badly beat-but amazing guitar (like say a lonestar strat, i got for second hand and was pretty darn cheap).
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Save up for a better Ibanez, or idk, maybe ESP/LTD or cheap Dean.
If you don't want to save up, I really enjoy the jackson entry series (JS30) I think they changed the body wood since I bought mine, but I played one at gc and it still had a nice feel to it.
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ok skimmed over the answers, and i have a couple things to say

first off, what i have now is an ESP SC-608b 8 string guitar. I sold my only 6 string to get it, and i had a 7 string dean but i sold that, purely because it was a piece of ****.

I have a custom Agile Hornet 7 string in the mail, should be here october-ish (they is still making it)

and for christmas i will get 300 dollars, plus some family money, so i wanna get a 6 string again, this is why i asked this. i just planned early :p . i ask that no one sugggests dean or BC rich cause i cannot stand either brand, and i am not a fan of schecter either, but i can do whatever so idk...
Ibanez S7521qm 7 string
Ibanez S771pb
Fender Jaguar HH Special
PRS SE Custom 24 7 string
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Used Jackson off craigslist, there's a MIJ dinky locally for $300.
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