Hello everyone,

I recently bought a very cheap acoustic guitar in a small music store.
The inlay says it's a Maxtone guitar, Model-Nr.: WGC-400TBK.
Underneath "Maxtone" you can read "Custom Handmade Guitars"
I searched the homepage of Maxtone for this guitar, but didn't find
any information about it, so did someone else see this guitar before?
Could it be that this guitar is handmade?

Any useful information is appreciated

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Maxtone is one of the largest musical instruments supplier based in Taiwan. They have serveral production plants in Taiwan. Their instruments are extremely popluar in Taiwan as their quality of their guitars are extremely value for money. They are extremely experience in drums and guitars making.
Their guitars may not be the best of what the world can offer but right here in Singapore, these guitars are much more well-made than most guitars from their branded counterparts.

Seems it isnt a rare collector or even worth alot but maybe decent quality? There pretty cheap online like a little over 100$ so.....
Yeah it was very cheap, around 50$, but the sound and action is just beautiful. That's why I'm asking this, because I didn't believe what i got for such a price. Thanks for the information!
Looks nice....For 50$ you got a deal i think. If it ssounds good and plays nice thats all that counts right?