Well, the one thing I noticed overall, was the production quality. I couldn't hear the guitars half the time, only the drums and vocals. And to be honest, I thought the drums sounded bad. You vocalist is pretty good though. My band did a coulpe of rough demo's like this awhile back, so no worries. If I were you guys, I would save some money up and find a studio with affordable rates you can book for a day or two. I'm sure Atalanta has some, just look around

The first song was ok, nothing too special. It had some pretty good riffs in and some cool parts. My only real criticism for this song is that about halfway through (I'm guessing around 1:53-2:00) the vocals got on my nerves with those pig squeals. They sounded really generic

I thought the second song was an improvement. The clean vocals were very well done I thought and it seemed to be a step-up, but I only got to listen to half of it since my computer is screwin up.

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hey!! thanks to 3rdact and guitar god for check it out...we just starterd wrtting songs,, the two songs we recorded are two old songs, we sound a bit different now more define i guess...and yes i know the quality is not good. sorry!
I look foreward to hearing you guys new stuff! My band added you on myspace, Ill be sure to check you guys out again when you have new stuff up.

If your feeling like it, I have a thread out as well about my band Omega. Give it a listen if youd like!