[And now for something completely different]

Hi guys,

I know you have these kind of threads often, so apologies for adding to that.

I am looking at buying a new amp, I have between 2500-3000 AUD to spend. I was thinking about a randall RH300 G3Plus head and not sure about which cab - something with vintage 30's. Does anyone have this head? Is it worth the money? Could I get something better for the same cost? The thing is, I was talking with a friend and he suggested that I look into second hand gear and he said I could probably get something like a 1960A cab and dual rectifier for the same money or only very little more. I haven't been able to really look into second hand gear much, my dilema with 2nd hand stuff is that I'm kind of paranoid and wouldn't be really sure I could trust the product...

Essentially, I'm asking for advice on what amp to get for 2500-3000ish AUD that suits my style of playing -> Metal, punk, hardcore, hard rock type stuff. I have a epiphone g-400 changed the pickups to a semour duncan invader and a bill lawrence l-500xl, ltd kh202 and a epiphone les paul custom... both with the pickups they came with. I plan to be using it for gigging in small to medium sized venues.

Thanks in advance for your help!