Hey! So, I toured for years and had a sweet pedal board. Then I worked at a studio for years and used them occasionally. Now I work on films, and I don't use them at all. Thus, I am trimming the fat.

For Sale:

Demeter Tremulator: $120.00

Z-Vex Wah Probe: $175.00
(Copper plate is worn, has been since I boughy it, but it works perfectly. Comes with Zvex power plate for powering off of 9v Boss plug.)

Timmy OD: $200.00

Skreddy Ernie Fuzz: $550.00
(Extremely rare, this is #2 of a discontinued, extremely sought after pedal. One of the best Big Muff clones I have ever heard. Pure Smashing Pumpkins / Weezer Pinkerton.)

Boss RC-20 Loop Station: $100.00

Loooper Pedal: $35.00
(Paint chipped/scratched prior to my ownership, but in excellent working order inside. This is by far the most beat up pedal on the outside.)

L.R. Baggs Paracoustic DI w/ EQ: $120.00
(this sounds particularly good with the following pickup)

L.R. Baggs M1 Pickup: $150.00
(will sell the pickup and DI for $250.00)
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VooDoo Labs Pedal Power 2: $145.00

Ebow Plus: $50.00

As a result of touring, some of the pedals have minor blemishes (i.e. paint chips, scratches etc.) However, I tested each of them this morning, and they are all in excellent working condition.

A couple of them are rare pedals, and are priced accordingly. These are negotiable.

All dealings will be through paypal. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees, I ship once I receive payment.

Knowing how dicey it looks to offer sales with 1 post to my name, please refer to my wife's ebay username: bohemian0607, and my account with TGP (avenerjimmie), all with nothing but good transactions.


p.s. I posted an identical FS at HC. I'll try and update each quickly if/when something sells!