hi ^^ ,
i am new here so please forgive me if i posted it in the wrong forum XP
anyway i can't decide what amp to buy , Peavy Vyper 30w , or Roland Cube 30w , i am not playing live or something and i dont have a band , i really like the following bands , Dimmu borgir , Children of Bodom , Simple plan , The All-american rejects , Metallica , Slayer ,Avenged Sevenfold, Matchbook Romance, Escape the fate and a lot more.. i know they all don't play the same genre but that's what i like , i really like Heavy Distortion or overdrive sounds , and on the other hand i really like high gain sounds (like avenged sevenfold's tone or Matchbook romance or escape the fate),
anyway what amp do you think will give me the best results ?
thanks for reading ,
i would go for the vyper unless you plan on running good fx in front of the cube. the vyper just covers way more sounds than the cube can.
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thanks =] (you are the 2nd guy telling that tells me to buy the viper xD) any more suggestions? =\
Ive played Vypers down at the local Music shop quite a bit, and ^ this cat is spot on. If the first amp I bought was a Vyper, I'd probably still be playing it. I have only good things to say about the Vyper.

UG tends to reccomend this amp quite a bit. Thats more a testament to its quality than anything.
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