I just got a Schecter C-1 Blood Moon that I had been saving up for for ages. About five minutes ago, thanks to my crappy strap, it fell face down on my room's hardwood floor. My cable was ruined, but everything else seemed to be okay, and after tuning it again it was as if nothing happened. However, I still want to know if there is anything I should check to make sure everything is all right.
dont blame the strap blame you, generally if you put your guitar on and if the strap has swung upisde down that strap is just going to come off under any pressure or tension, make sure u check that the strap is facing the right why

now onto checking, well check the wood for any dents scratches or anything

guitars are very durable and generally it shouldnt have any drama after (1) drop
Make sure all your hardware is still ok. All the electronics are still working.

How is your cable ruined?

edit: maybe it's time to invest in some strap locks
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Should be fine man, same thing happened to me when I was using my brothers guitar. Aside from a chip in the paint it was fine. He was ****ing pissed but the guitar was otherwise unharmed.
I had that happen to an acoustic one time. It hit the floor face down right at the headstock. I would keep an eye on the back of the neck because I had mine fracture from top to bottom about 4 inches. It did not really affect the playability but certainly sucked. I thought it would have snapped the neck in two but it did the opposite and split the other way. I think the tension of the strings pulling in the opposite direction saved it.
You have a nicer guitar than my old yamaha f310 that I dropped so you would have nicer hard wood and hopefully you got lucky man.
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How is your cable ruined?

Before landing face down the part of the cable just outside of the output jack hit the ground, and the weight of the guitar pretty much tore it. I know I'm probably not making much sense because it's hard to describe with words.
you may wanna buy some straplocks those help alot
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does the input jack work still?
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Either a way better strap, or strap-locks. Go strap locks.

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i removed nut and the cloth washer from my guitar and put the strap > cloth Washer > nut back on in that fashion. its very secure and wont have the flipped strap issue anymore. i feel much more secure about my guitar now
Look at the neck joint. Is it a bolt on, a neck through or a set neck? I dropped my Tele several times (Not on purpose) And now there are cracks in the finish around the neck joint. I'm pretty sure the cracks don't penetrate into the wood but I regret dropping my guitar. Boy strap locks and locking straps and keep your guitar on a stand when you're not playing it to avoid dropping it. Also, Make sure you don't buy anything made out of vinyl because that dissolved lacquer finishes.
Always tin your strings.


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Be grateful it wasn't dropped on your brick-paved driveway.