Hi ultimate guitar!

I am going on a shopping spree for some guitar equipment I have been meaning to get for a long time. I must say in advance that I have only been playing guitar for just over a year so my technical and hardware knowledge is slightly limited

I am playing a JS1000 on a VOX AD100VT amplifier. I also use Vox satchurator and dunlop crybaby 535Q effects pedals

Here is what I am looking for:

- high quality cables to replace the three budget crap ones I am using

- look into power cables for my two effects pedals as they don't last that long on batteries before their effect starts "drying up" ideally I'd like to find a suitable unit that powers multiple pedals at once as I do have intentions to add extra pedals to my setup in the future

- advice on what I should purchase to clean my guitar! I bought it last october and while I change the strings frequently I am yet to give the fretboard a proper cleaning because I'm unsure about whats safe

- hardware for capturing output on a PC! I am really excited about making my own music, currently I use a PC microphone to capture the audio directly from the amp but I am sure there are better solutions available

- general information on lifespans for pickups, I have a bugging insecurity whether my guitars tone could be improved if I replaced the pickups with newer ones - are there signs that indicate it is time for a change? I bought my guitar off ebay so I have no idea how long the current pickups have been installed

If you can help me out on any of these topics it'll be much appreciated


good cables: try dimarzios, i love my ones
Power Cables: for the crybaby get the crybaby adapter, and get a vox one for the satchurator
Clean ur guitar: i clean my fretboard with lemon oil, and polish it with a clean cloth
Hardware for PC: get guitar rig session, its the best at the price IMO
i dont think pickups get damaged after a lot of use,
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