The vocalist is playing acoustic, and the acoustics has couple of licks in middle of song with just couple of notes. I'm not exactly sure what they are doing. The guitar player is definitely strumming, but these notes are standing out louder than the other.

What is the guitarist doing? Is it hammer on/pull offs? How are they get specific notes to come out of the chord when they are strumming? Are they strumming?
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is there an example?

but probably what ur describing is the chord staying the same but apply a small melodic phrase over the chord.

but u need to word things better, or give examples of what your are asking
Do you play guitar? How long you been playing for?

Its only a matter of time before you're back here asking why some notes ring out for ages and some don't.

They mute the other strings, to get certain ones to sound alone from the chord position. That's just one thing they might be doing, dude there are a hundred ways of playing what you've described
yea I'm learning. I've been playing for a year messing around with vocal and guitar too.

I've played keyboard and brass (classical) for ages. Guitar is I have say very unique. Normally I can listen to a lick or melody on keyboard or like a symphonic band and immediately say oh this instrument is doing this.

Maybe it's b/c I've yet to master the instrument. It seems to be everywhere whenever I hear it. I'll try to find an specific example.

I mean I can hear a keyboard and guitar and pretty much tell you exactly what the keyboard is doing like inverting adding a 9th or a improving over this scale, but I can't seem to do it with guitar.

I can say guitars are playing a major chord, but I don't where on the frets or how they are playing it or what they are adding or on the chord. Yea some notes just seem to dominate the chord on the guitar unlike the keyboard.

Strumming and chords are pretty easy to pick up. But I've trying to hit the next level with my own guitar playing. It seems the prof guitarists are able to add certain notes especially during the transition that make it fit the melody.
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example example example example example example example example.

i typed all that out. give an example like a video on youtube if you want us to really understand what you're talking about.
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