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Awesome find.
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don't touch her she's mine!

ive already been their manshes crazy DONT GIVE HER A KEY
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If by knife you mean penis, and by shred you mean sex

then im soo with you

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I find that completely and utterly wierd. She's fine looking sure, but the bass just wrecks it all. The proportions.. She's half the instruments size.. I don't know that's just wrong!
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the fact that she does play bass makes her irresistible to me
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thats all I can say about her talent........
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Quote by Jimmy94
the fact that she does play bass makes her irresistible to me

I love your avatar.

the music's alright too, not really my thing
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Wow...she's fantastic...
Time to start listening to more jazz than the limited amount I do now.
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I enjoyed it, but I found it tiresome after a little while. It's just a personal preference, but I felt that the compositions were a little to busy, for what was provided by the form. I am also not fond of her bass playing. I'm sure that if she was just singing, or just playing bass, I would have enjoyed it more.
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I like the fact that she actually plays the bass herself. Or any instrument for that matter. Too often I hear a female artist doing nothing but singing, and sadly over the top too often, so this was a nice new thing..
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She's mine, all of you. And if you don't like it we can solve it with a good old duel.

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*slaps with glove*

A duel it is!!!

EDIT: holy ****... i just heard the second vid TS posted... my god
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