So its finally here! My new neck from warmoth! Got the body from a local luthier for quite a decent price.

I love big headstocks...

Pardon my poor camera work

Some specs:
Alder body with flamed maple top
Birdseye maple neck with full scalloped frets
Graphtec nut
Gold gotoh machine heads and vintage bridge
DiMarzio YJM in the neck, '61 in the middle and ToneZone in the bridge.

Plays and feels like a dream, first time I played it I knew this was it... the guitar I dreamt of. The neck is so incredibly smooth and fast due to the satin finish and the scalloped frets makes it feel like I'm playing on air, it's amazing.

In total it cost me about $1200, not a bad price for customshop-like equipment. I'll be keeping this baby with me till the day I die thats for sure
That's some amazing birdseye maple!!! HNGD
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you better be indulging on some neoclassical shred with that thing
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very nice. any ideas for a headstock decal or are you leaving it blank?

I might give it a name and have that on the headstock
Any suggestions for a name? Come on UG, name my guitar! I'll put a decal on it and post pics.
Name of guitar = Woody

By the way, HNGD!

what is it with scalloped necks? What's the purpose, what effect does it have??

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Well let's assume your name is Ben. And it has the shape of a Fender strat... therefore it should be called Bender.
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Love it. HNGD!
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Very nice Warmoth Strat. It so beautiful. it brought a single tear to my eye.


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Well let's assume your name is Ben. And it has the shape of a Fender strat... therefore it should be called Bender.

Not to mention bending should be effortless on that scalloped neck. Freaking beautiful man, I love warmoth type builds. Your pickups seem to be set awfully low, is that how you like em?
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There's something about strats with a flamed or quilted top in a burst finish and gold hardware that gives me wood all the time. I really need to get me a guitar like that.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
Nice wood. HAHA!

That guitar looks saweet.

I say call it Mermaider!!!!!

So how different is a scalloped fretboard compared to jumbo frets?
looks real nice man
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HNGD! She's a beaut.

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Scalloped maple fretboard, 70's headstock, DiMarzio's, regular six-point bridge for tone over stability...

This design makes Yngwie IAmYourDonutEatingGod Malmsteen happy.

Seriously though, she's a beaut', how's the tone?

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Now that has to be one of the nicest strats I've seen, HNGD
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